Are Credit Card Accepted?

Currently we are not accepting credit cards. Checks and cash only.

What is the Fox River like?

The Fox is a slow, meandering river with a few sandbars. It is perfect for beginners or families with children that want a relaxing ride without having prior canoe knowledge or skill. The river is about 4-5 feet deep on average; however, there are spots that are much deeper and also some spots that are much shallower.

Do you have kayaks?

Yes, we do have kayaks. They go fast, so reserve asap.

Are there bathrooms along the river?

Kind of. This is a wilderness environment so you won’t find anything directly on the river. There are portable bathrooms at John Duerr, Ferson Creek (End Point), and Fox River Bluff West landings though.

Is there cell phone coverage in case of emergency?


Can I bring my own canoe or kayak?

Yes, but we do not transport personal boats on our trailers.

Are campfires allowed?

No, but there are a few forest preserves along that way that supply charcoal rangesfor cooking.

Are we allowed to bring coolers?

Yes, there is plenty of space for your coolers just make sure they aren’t more than 33” on the longest side to ensure they’ll fit in the canoes.

Can we start our trip anytime?

Yes, please call ahead to setup a time and reserve your canoe.

Are we allowed to bring pets on the river trips?

Yes, pets are welcome on the river, though be aware if you opt for shuttle transportation that your pets will be riding in a crowded van to the river launch and must get along with other people and possibly other pets. Once pets are out on the river, they do not need to be leashed. In fact, leashes should not be used while in a canoe in case the boat capsizes. It’s worth doing some research in advance so you know what to expect when trying to paddle with a pet for the first time.

What is the maximum number of people that you can put in a canoe?

We recommend no more than 2 adults and 1 child up to 90 pounds however you are welcome to squeeze as many people in as you’d like so long as you remain under the stated weight capacity. (More than 3 adults will be nearly impossible). In some cases, 2 adults and 2 very small children (5 years old or less) have fit in one canoe. There is an additional $10 fee if a 3rd adult is put into a canoe. All of our canoes only have seats for 2 people so any more than that will have to figure out an alternative seat.

What if there is an emergency on the river?

If it’s a true emergency, call 911. The Fox River is normally a calm river, but rapidly changing weather conditions and the sometimes rapidly rising water levels can lead to dangerous situations on the river. Bringing a cell phone for emergency use is highly recommended. If you do bring a phone, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure help will be able to find you. Make sure to always have a good idea of where you are by following along on a map or using GPS.

Is there a place nearby where we can get ice and beer?

Yes, the launch point is .2 miles from downtown South Elgin.

Is it possible to get drinking water along the way or do we need to bring it with us?

We strongly suggest you bring enough water to last the entire trip. Water is available at the John Duerr launch and Ferson Creek Park but again, it will be much easier to bring it with you.

Is it okay to have two young kids paddle a canoe by

Generally we would prefer at least 1 adult per boat, but you’ll have a better idea of what the kids are capable of than we do.


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